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Vision IFA’s Business Services Team

Our Business Services Team will ensure that your business is secure and ready for all eventualities, whatever they may be.

Our team of financial business experts will:

Ensure that your business has the right financial protection in place
Help you make the best financial decisions for both you and your employees.
Provide you with advice on tax-efficient pension planning and succession planning

Why does my business need a Financial Planning Review
and how we can help you?

Business owners often juggle many different roles, making it difficult for them to find time to focus on current and future financial planning.

As the owner of your business, it is your responsibility to make essential decisions regarding the company’s direction and to put in place financial plans to ensure continual growth and future financial security.

It is essential that you have a comprehensive understanding of your company’s current financial position to ensure that you are covered for any unexpected events which might undermine the future success of your business.

We can help you by undertaking a financial review of your company and will make recommendations as to which areas you may need to address. We will highlight any opportunities available to you, which you may not be taking advantage of.

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As a part of your financial plan, we will review the following areas:

Business Continuity Planning – Key Person Insurance and Shareholder/Partnership Protection

Employee Welfare – Pension Schemes, Employee Benefits and Salary Sacrifice

Retirement Planning

Succession Planning

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What is a Financial Business Continuity Plan?

A financial business continuity plan outlines the systems and processes that you have in place to ensure that your company can continue to operate effectively when facing potential threats and unplanned disruptions to daily business operations.

The plan will cover contingencies for the protection of business and its assets, including your staff and business partners. Financial Business Continuity Planning and the associated Business Protection Insurance will help ensure the long-term financial security of your business during difficult times.

What is Key Person Insurance and why would my company need it?

Key Person Insurance would protect your business against the potential loss of profits if a key employee were to become critically ill or pass away.

This life insurance and critical illness cover are taken out by the business, on the life of an employee, who is crucial to the ongoing operations and profits of the business. If a key member is diagnosed with a critical illness or dies, the policy pays out directly to the company so that business profits can be protected, and the company can continue trading as usual.

How would I identify a Key Person?

If your company’s reputation or financial viability are directly linked to a particular employee, either through their reputation, unique skills or specialist knowledge, then they are a key person. If the loss of this person would have a direct impact on the operation and financial success of your business, then you should consider Key Person Insurance.

For example, key people could include:

  • Company Owners
  • Technical Specialists
  • Operations Specialists
  • Research and Development Specialists
  • Sales Managers and Executives

More information on Key Person Insurance and why you may need it, can be found on our blog here.

If you would like us to help identify who within your company should be covered by Key Person Insurance, then please contact us.

Shareholder/Partnership Protection, how does it work?

Businesses can face many challenges and difficulties during the day to day operations. However, the loss of a shareholder (due to death or critical illness) can leave a company without direction and struggling to recover.

Without a well-funded plan in place, should a shareholder die, their company equity would pass to their estate. Meaning that part of the business could be left with family members who may have little interest in the future direction of the company, and could sell the shares to a third party.

Shareholder Protection will provide a business with the cover it needs should the worst happen, helping avoid any unnecessary disputes and ensure that the business can return to normality with minimum delay and disruption.

How does it work?

  • Shareholder Protection is an insurance plan put in place and agreed by a company and its shareholders.
  • The plan pays out a lump sum to cover the value of the deceased or critically ill shareholder’s share of the business. The other business shareholders can use this lump sum to purchase these shares.
  • There are different plans available tailored to provide cover for each individual shareholder, considering each owner’s share of the business and associated value.
  • The plan will ensure that the deceased or critically ill shareholder’s family or partner will receive the true value of the shares.

More information on the benefits of a Shareholder/Partnership Protection can be found here.

To protect your business in the event of the death of a shareholder, please call us.

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Financial Employee Welfare Seminars

When reviewing your companies group pension scheme, we can also explain the benefits of this pension scheme to your employees in the form of a financial employee wellbeing seminar. We would educate and inform your employees with regards to the pension scheme, retirement, protection and investments.

As the majority of people have personal questions about their finances, we would also hold drop-in workshops where the employees can speak to an adviser and ask any questions on a One to One basis.

Generally, people have not been educated in the very basics of financial advice, and our seminars show your employees that you’re thinking about their financial wellbeing, their families wellbeing and their future.

Salary Sacrifice – who benefits?

A salary sacrifice scheme can be beneficial to both your staff and your business.

The scheme works by allowing your employee to give up a proportion of their salary in exchange for a non-cash benefit, such as increased employer contributions to their pension scheme or childcare vouchers.

As this money is taken out of the employee’s pre-tax pay, then it is beneficial to them as they don’t pay National Insurance Contributions (NIC) or tax on the proportion of the pay that is sacrificed.

Your company can also benefit from this arrangement as you, the employer, won’t have to pay the NIC on the salary that has been exchanged, so saving your business money and benefitting both parties.

More information on the benefits of a salary sacrifice scheme can be found here.

To find out more about how to set-up a Salary Sacrifice Scheme for your business and how much it might save you, please call us.

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Retirement Planning

Pension planning is a crucial part of ensuring that you have a secure and comfortable retirement.

As a business owner, planning your pension should be part of your overall business financial planning. Your plan should include how to release the profits you have built up in your business, for when you eventually retire. You can do this by making regular pension contributions directly from your limited company, allowing you to build up a fund to use for your retirement.

How much can I save?

You can save money every year by making pension contributions directly from your limited company. The pension contribution is viewed as a business expense by HMRC as long as your accountant deems the contribution to be reasonable.

There are limits to how much you are allowed to invest in a pension, over the course of a tax year and a lifetime. It is always best to seek financial advice if you are planning on making contributions from your company.

To ensure you have the correct pension provision in place and to ensure that you maximise your pension earnings, please call us.

Succession Planning

Over the years, you have worked extremely hard to make your business a success and to ensure that your family have had a secure and comfortable life. You are now planning your retirement and as a result, are thinking about a Succession Plan.

Providing your children and loved ones with gifts such as cash, property, and assets can be a very tax-efficient way of reducing the size of your estate for inheritance tax purposes. 

Or maybe you would like to set up a charitable trust to help support causes that you care about, once you are no longer here.

Whatever your plans, it is important that you receive the right advice to ensure that your family are secure and taken care of and that you have a succession plan tailored to your specific situation and wishes.

We can work with you to create a plan that tailored to you and your loved ones, please call us.

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