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Finding the right financial advisor isn’t always easy.

Here at Vision, we’re a team of independent financial experts dedicated to helping you retire with the strongest possible financial foundation for you and your family.

Completely independent

FCA authorised and regulated

Transparent family firm


Clear jargon-free advice

Why Choose Vision Independent financial advisers Wakefield

We understand that planning for retirement can feel overwhelming with so much to think about. But at Vision, our team is here to take that weight off your shoulders. We’ll help you plan for retirement, grow your investments, protect your family’s financial future, and ensure your business finances are secure.

Here’s what you can count on from us:

  • Clear, jargon-free conversations so you understand every step.
  • A dedicated personal advisor just for you.
  • Services customised to match your unique financial situation.
  • 24/7 access to your own personalised portfolio.

We’ve been around since 2008, a family-run business committed to clarifying your financial picture and helping you reach your financial goals.

Your financial security means everything to us. As a family-led enterprise, we know how important it is to secure your family’s financial stability. Our goal is to maximise returns from your pension fund and investments, ensuring both you and your family feel financially secure and at ease.

How We Work

We ensure our services are personal, tailored, and stress-free. Here’s how we work:

Meet your advisor

The first step is meeting with your financial advisor. Schedule a meeting with your independent financial advisor. Your personal advisor will listen to your goals and help you make the most of your income, and ensure you have a comfortable retirement.


For the next step, your financial advisor will research and design a plan to help you achieve your financial goals. Our advisors are professional and friendly; they offer the support and guidance you need at each step.


The last step is to relax once your plan is in place. You can rest assured that your finances are well taken care of. We’ll ensure everything stays on track with regular reviews. All you need to think about is living your best life today!

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Finding the Right Financial Advisor

The key to choosing the right financial advisor is knowing what advice and services you need. For instance, you may be:

Searching for help investing your pension

Developing a retirement plan

Seeking help with your finances and meeting your long-term goals

Take a look at the qualifications of advisors that meet your needs. Look for any extra qualifications that show the advisor has gone the extra mile to gain expertise.

Once you’ve found a good match, have a chat about their fees. Don’t hesitate to discuss and try to negotiate their quote if you think it’s a bit high.

Once you’ve agreed on the terms, make sure you get a written copy of the quote. Also, ask for a record of the advisor’s recommendations that you can keep handy just in case. If anything’s unclear, don’t hesitate to ask the advisor to explain it in simpler terms.

Make sure the advice they’re giving you isn’t generic; it should be specifically tailored to your situation. Ask about why they’re recommending certain products based on what’s best for you.

By following these steps, you’ll find the right financial advisor! And we’re pretty confident that you’ve already found the perfect fit with us, we will provide tailored and unique advice for your needs.

How we help


Personal / Business

Retirement Planning

If you’re feeling confused about your retirement planning, you’re not alone. We’re here to help you understand your options, which are based on your retirement goals, the age at which you’d like to retire, and what expenses you anticipate needing. 

Pension plans are complex financial products. Most of our clients need advice on how to take benefits, manage their risk, and maximize their investment returns for retirement. There are many different options, along with the potential to consider lesser-known income streams to plan effectively for retirement. 

Wealth Management

We’re also committed to providing a comprehensive ongoing service. This ensures our recommendations to you are delivered in full, our advice continues to meet your needs as things change, and we deliver the results you want. 

Investment Planning

We understand that your investments need to be centered on you and what you’re investing for. No matter the goal, it’s important to look at short, medium, and long-term options. It’s also essential to consider the most tax-efficient means for investing your money. 

The right investment strategy depends on when you need to access funds, how much capital you have available to invest, and whether there are opportunities to adjust existing plans that are no longer suitable.

Protection Planning

Family is the most important thing for you, and it’s essential to plan and protect them from the unexpected. As financial advisors Wakefield, we can review your financial position and understand your goals to predict the impact on your family if the worst should happen. 

Your financial security is our priority. 

Employee & Director Pensions

The law requires all businesses to provide their employees with a workplace pension, as well as to make employer contributions to that pension. And we can help you here, too. 

If you are just preparing to set up your first employee pension, we’re ready to support you to make the complex world of workplace pension schemes easier to understand. 

Do you already have a pension scheme in place? Depending on how the scheme is currently administered, you may benefit from substantial savings when moving to a salary sacrifice scheme instead.

As financial advisors Wakefield, we’re ready to help you navigate the process of ensuring your business pension scheme is efficient and fit for purpose. 

Business Protection

Business owners often have many roles, making it a challenge to find the time to focus on current and future financial planning. We can help you by undertaking a financial review of your company and making recommendations on which areas you may need to address. We also highlight any opportunities available that you may not be taking advantage of. 

Online Pension Investments Tracker

We also offer an online pension investments tracker using the latest technology. We can provide you with a personal financial portal, allowing you access to your individual portfolio 24/7 via your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. 

You will also have direct access to your financial adviser through our secure messaging service. 



FAQs About Our Services

Here, we share some of the most common questions we receive about our financial advisor services:
What Services Do You Offer?
We can help you with a range of customised financial planning services, including:

  • Pension advice and retirement planning
  • Investment and wealth management
  • Personal and family protection plans
  • Access to the latest technology and investment platform
Are You Independent?
Yes, we are! You will work with a personal independent financial advisor who has access to an unrestricted range of products and firms from across the available market. They will offer you tailored advice to suit your precise circumstances.
Do I Need a Financial Advisor Huddersfield?
A financial advisor can help you make the most of your income, from saving thousands in tax deductions to getting the best return on your pension or investment. It’s best to choose an independent advisor so they can search the entire available market to find the right products for you and your circumstances. With the right advisor, you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind that your financial future is taken care of. Your advisor will create a plan to achieve your financial goals, and they will become a trusted guide to ensure you remain on track to reach those goals.

Vision Financial Advisor Wakefield


Wakefield, located in West Yorkshire, England, is a historic city steeped in heritage and charm. Nestled along the River Calder, this vibrant city combines a rich history with modern amenities, making it a delightful place to live and visit.

One of the city’s notable landmarks is the magnificent Wakefield Cathedral, a striking piece of architecture that stands tall in the city center.

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